Wagonflow does not run your railway for you. It will not switch a set of points, change the signals and send your favourite Pacific for a wall-of-death thunder round your tightest curves.

It will not. Nope. Absolutely NOT!

There are people who like automating their railway so they can just watch their trains go by. It can be impressive. It can also bore the pants off you. I’ve worked with an automatic layout that was so self-sufficient that the operators abandoned it in mid-exhibition to go and watch something more interesting. There’s no fun in that for me, and Wagonflow’s whole point is to bring fun into your railway, not take it away.

So if you were hoping that Wagonflow could automate your line, I’m sorry to have to disappoint you.

But if you were afraid that Wagonflow would take control out of your hands, rest easy! Wagonflow is your partner, not your replacement. The name of the game is fun, allied with the challenge of prototypical operation. And if you have a night when you just want to run trains – do it! Wagonflow will remember where your stock was, can tell you where to re-position it, and you’re back on the rails again!