The tour gives you a taste of what Wagonflow really offers, and how it brings fun to your railway week after week, year after year. Read in succession, or choose the pages that interest you.

Wagonflow’s basic idea – generating traffic – Go straight into the tour
The traffic your users want – Profiling their needs
Supplying the Traffic Needs – Traffic Imports, Late and Extra Traffic
Traffic Exports – Traffic due to leave your station(s)
When Trains Run – Irregular Trains, Block Trains and Seasonal Traffic
The Timetable – Optional – but with clever freight and passenger stuff you can do in moments!
The Motive Power and Rolling Stock! – Your Locomotives, Coaches and Freight wagons
Buying Wagonflow – How to buy!

Remember: Wagonflow’s whole purpose is to bring realism and fun to your layout at the same time. If Wagonflow didn’t deliver on that, users wouldn’t keep upgrading as each new edition came out, would they?

Hey, but what about the nights you want to test, or just mess around on the layout with your friends – or perhaps you even have to store the layout away after each session? Will Wagonflow obstruct that? No! And it will even tell you where to replace the stock for your next session.

And if you’re the one who built a layout in a violin case (it’s been done!) and think your layout’s too small to benefit, then you’re wrong. Given a reasonable number of wagons (say 20, but more is better) you can have a varied freight operation. And you can also get variety into your passenger service too.

Ah, it’s a waste of time – you don’t have a computer anyway ... Guess what? You don’t need to have a computer at home, as long as you have occasional access to one! Wagonflow has a second mode called Autoflow. By keeping full control of your wagons it can specify their movements several sessions in advance – you just use the printouts for shunting and despatching the traffic. Ideal for exhibitions, too. Click here to learn more about Autoflow.

Lastly: that “week after week, year after year” bit is a load of nonsense isn’t it? Well, no! Wagonflow has an internal calendar. I forget how long it runs for, but if you ever reach the end of it, you won’t just get a telegram from the Queen, you’ll be in the Guinness Book of Records as well!

So choose from the list above, or just move on to the first stage of the Wagonflow Tour.