"I'm a programmer. I read your articles and decided to write my own version. It so transformed our layout that now I want to buy the real thing...!"

"The layout was nearly moribund. We tried Wagonflow on a branch line off the main circuit and now everyone fights to operate that bit! We'll be extending Wagonflow to the whole layout soon - we're watching the whole thing come back to life."

Previous buyer standing next to potential buyer at exhibition: "It really does do everything he's saying ... By the way, if that's a new version I'll buy it now."

The same uncertain buyer over a period of about 3-4 years:
> "I'm not sure it'll do what I want, but I'll try it."
- > "It doesn't work for me. I'd like my money back." [He got it]
- - > "I'd like to buy Wagonflow again."                       [He bought it]
- - - > "Is there a new version out yet?"                       [He bought that as well]

"Wow! I'm impressed!"
[An existing buyer had brought his laptop to Blackburn exhibition to demonstrate one or two questions he had. He in turn was asked why he didn't use Wagonflow's fast-start features. So he did, there and then ...]

"We had a stand at an exhibition and saw another layout whose operators were shattered by the end of the show. We kept meaning to tell them about Wagonflow - it makes extended running far more enjoyable."

"Wagonflow works so well, we're redesigning our layout to suit it even better."

An existing user rang to ask whether a new version was available. In the discussion following, he was asked whether he'd met any bugs in what was then the current version (3.3).
"Why? Are there any? We've never found one."

The same user has since moved to the new version and reports:
"Wagonflow [4] works fine, and is a great upgrade; the wait was worth it."

[On the question of bugs: no complex software is totally bug-free. But serious bugs are rare in Wagonflow, and every flaw gets swiftly corrected, with significant ones notified to users so they can receive free corrections plus any minor upgrades that have occurred in the meantime.]

Finally, two recent comments from buyers in the USA and Canada:
"Everything arrived just fine... once again thank you for a great product. and I know that I'll get great usage out of it."

"Wow, what great service...thanks!"

And of course I get: "When are you going to include ..."
Well, there are more things in mind for the next version - some even part written - but new ideas are always welcome!